Cu cartea prin liceu – la Colegiul Economic Viilor

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Elevii și profesorii de la Colegiul Economic Viilor, interesați de secretele lumii scrisului

Marți, 6.11.2018, nu au fost trei ceasuri rele, ci două ceasuri bune. Mai precis, între orele 13-15 am fost invitații doamnei Gabriela Diaconu, directorul Colegiului Economic Viilor, și ai doamnei bibliotecare, poetă cunoscută sub pseudonimul Sarah DeJar, poposind acolo cu cartea prin liceu. Proiectul cu acest nume, organizat de scriitorul Teodor Hossu-Longin, aduce scriitorii în contact cu liceenii de o vreme. Mă bucur că, împreună cu organizatorul și cu scriitorul SF Ovidiu Vitan, am avut ocazia să-i cunoaștem pe elevii de la Colegiul Economic Viilor. Inițial timizi, aceștia s-au încălzit, pe parcurs, în discuții.

Majoritatea elevilor veniseră la recomandarea profesorilor de limba română, nesiguri cum ar putea fi această întâlnire. Teodor Hossu Longin a deschis discuția, invitându-ne să ne prezentăm și întrebându-i de ce citesc sau, din moment ce se spune că tânăra generație nu citește, de ce nu citesc. Răspunsurile primite au revelat că există o dorință de satisfacție imediată care-i împinge spre filme și jocuri video mai degrabă decât spre lectură. Unii tineri citesc, alții nu au găsit încă genul de carte preferat sau nu au răbdare să termine cărțile începute.

Discuțiile au continuat, abordând teme diverse, de la faptul, subliniat de Teodor Hossu Longin, că ei sunt generația care trebuie să schimbe lucrurile, până la beneficiile aduse de citirea clasicilor, când ar trebui să citească mai mulți scriitori contemporani. Au fost amintiți scriitori preferați, cum s-a schimbat programa școlară din vremea noastră până în vremea lor, cum sunt făcute coperțile cărților, ceea ce a reliefat aspecte legate de copyright și domeniu public, și alte detalii din lumea cărților.

Singurul lucru care m-a șocat a fost că, la întrebarea mea “Cui i-au plăcut cărțile lui Alexandre Dumas? Dar ale lui Karl May?” m-a întâmpinat o liniște totală, fiindcă acestea erau cărți citite cu aviditate de adolescenții mai multor generații, începând cu vârsta de 12-13 ani.

Cei trei scriitori au donat cărți pentru biblioteca liceului și au oferit câteva cărți participanților – cum altfel să stimulăm lectura? Timpul a trecut în zbor, și sperăm să revenim peste un timp la acest liceu primitor.

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Ovidiu Vitan, Teodor Hossu-Longin și Marina Costa, cu cartea prin liceu

Longing for a real community


I think I have always been looking for a group of friends to write a story together, and discuss it, and get inspired about it. Not more social than other RPGs; some are more social than I would have wished, as in mindlessly gossipping and socializing instead of writing. I can also accept and I don’t mind being a small writing community. It happens. What saddens me is when people stop talking one with the other, stop saying “Happy birthday!“, stop plotting together the next steps of the story. I am mostly disappointed in the lack of involvement, of interest, of enthusiasm, of a real writing community. This means that the community spirit is lost, and it makes me think that what I actually wanted for the community doesn’t exist and I failed. I have been living in a dream, or maybe in denial.

It seems that when people are involved in your own goals and they aren’t for yourself alone, the outcomes tend to turn out differently than you imagined, if at all. It also means reassessing what is possible to happen (and making it happen), while keeping everything else as my dream of an utopic group of friends which doesn’t exist in reality. I know other sites have this community: people who actually communicate, discuss plots, twists, play games, see movies together… I achieve partially this – I am talking to all those who want to talk at least a little, but no others actually do, and the feeling of a community doesn’t exist. This is exactly what I am missing and longing for.

Each of us has a different personality and a different life. But instead of looking at each other as extraterrestrial beings, we should focus on what unites us, then expand our knowledge about the other aspects which are less familiar to us.

Why would I care about someone else except myself?” some may ask. “Why should I be interested in building a community?”

Just because you are human, and this is what humans do. Loneliness is not good. We have been designed to live in groups/ packs since early Stone Age. And community is good. It means all these (and much more):


“Why should I be interested in making friends with the other writers? I am here just to write. I have friends by my side, from school/ work/ neighbourhood. I had friends who backstabbed me and I am shy about making new ones.”

It is possible to have bad experiences; but if you aren’t trying (with caution, of course), you will never find good ones. And if you already have friends by your side, what harm is it in having some in various corners of the world as well? They can offer you a different kind of support and sounding board than the ones who are closer to you, just because their life experiences might be radically different. You can discuss with them about different subjects than the ones usually discussed with your friends from school/ work/ neighbourhood. How many of your friends who are so close are into writing and can understand you in discussing characters and plots?

Moreover, you are a writer. And writers do care about other people’s lives, details and circumstances in order to find later inspiration for the most diverse characters. (Even when writing in genres totally different than contemporary life, they can still be adapted and twisted to fit).

And we all are writers too. This is what unites us into forming a community and what should give us enough subjects to talk about, even if some of us aren’t exactly twin souls. A writing community has as purpose writing a story together. When this purpose doesn’t exist, and when the people don’t talk as much either, aren’t much of a community.


A writing community has as purpose writing a story together. When this purpose doesn’t exist, and when the people don’t talk as much either, aren’t much of a community. Writing with others has a social aspect, and it needs communication even for those who don’t become best friends (even if it is nothing bad with making friends, but not everyone is compatible with everyone), at least in the writing field: from plotting and synchronizing ideas, to getting inspiration, headcannons, exchange experience on research and on different aspects of the writing process. Until now, this has functioned with most people… and exactly when they stopped communicating, misunderstandings arose, because nobody is a mind reader. They just fill in the blanks with what they would have thought/ done./… and they aren’t the other person, to think identically.

Yes, we are here to write, and writing together means planning together, analysing possible outcomes for various options and choosing the best one, not only for one character, but for the whole story. And by planning together we are getting further involved in the whole story, not only in one character’s life. We are also mobilizing ourselves to to progress steadily the story towards the next episodes, instead of waiting passively to be entertained by reading others’ stories.

I wish for a dedicated community of writers – as many or as few as they happen to be. The activity, the involvement (including the community feeling) and the number of characters actively written when they are needed, instead of being left to pickle somewhere in silence, are more important than the number of members.

I wish the members to be involved in the story they are writing together. To be willing to write THE STORY, seeing the whole picture, beyond a character or two. To share characters freely (be they NPCs or other shared custody characters) and to discuss in groups plots and twists, planning the next stories, agreeing on outcomes by meeting half-way after listening to the reasons why a thing should happen or not and how. To discuss literary resources and aspects of the writing craft, to actively exchange experience. Maybe also to read books or watch movies in the same field like the story and to discuss them together, including from the perspective of enriching our story (without plagiarising, of course. Borrowing basic ideas only, especially if twisted and spinned of, is NOT plagiarism!).

A writing community should have been like NaNoWriMo all the time – in respect to the community atmosphere, not in number of words/ competition, neither in number of members. In the smaller sense of a community group of writers, who actually talk about their characters, plots, support each other. And I know RPGs which are a community too, smaller or bigger. I hope to find a way to enhance community spirit on mine too.