What To Do When Your Writer-Type Stops You From Writing

Useful for all of us…

K.M. Allan

Just as procrastination, brilliant ideas, and crippling self-doubt are part of being a writer, the type of writer you are also contributes to the crafting of your words.

For instance, if you’ve wondered why other writers seem to get things done and you’re struggling to write an opening paragraph, the perfectionist in you could be sabotaging your work.

Or maybe you’re the type of writer who spends every writing session planning, leading to months of hard work but no genuine progress for your manuscript.

These examples, and the others listed below, are features of classic writer-types and their natural tendencies can stop you from writing—but only if you let them!

What To Do When Your Writer-Type Stops You From Writing

Writer-Type: Perfectionist

This isn’t a writer who aims to make every word perfect, but a writer who can’t get into the momentum of writing because they feel every…

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