Cold Blows the Wind – The Soundtrack

There are others too who make playlists for their books… and these songs are lovely!

It is not only me thinking in songs…

Catherine Meyrick

People have always loved to sing, probably for as long as there have been people. These days, despite most people still loving music, most of us are too self conscious to sing in front of others, especially unaccompanied. It wasn’t always this way. In the not so distant past, after the day’s work was done , a family would sit at the hearth together, listen to and tell stories, and sing. The songs were those handed down over generations, changed slightly in the repetition, or to suit the times. In my novels I try to reflect the presence of music and singing in people’s lives.

With my latest novel, Cold Blows the Wind, songs are sung at various points through the novel, often reflecting the the characters emotional perspective. The lyrics I used were drawn from 19th century sources and, in most cases, there were many versions to choose…

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