Amateur Writing

Being the Anti-technicus I always am, the link to which I commented below did never post… So this is it:

Now, after having read it, my further comments…

Because I also consider myself an amateur writer, a less known, niche writer. Yes, I am trying to be as professional as possible, from the quality point of view: I attended a few courses because I could not afford more yet, I read everything possible on creative writing, trying to adapt what suits me.

However, I want to be read more than I want to be rich. Yes, it would be nice to recover at least the publishing and associated costs, but if it doesn’t happen, I can live with it. I have a profession – I am a retired economist, having worked for 22 years in European Integration and management of EU funded projects. I don’t starve living from my pension, even if I can’t afford luxuries.

I keep saying that writing is my passion, not my profession. In the moment it will feel like a job, I quit and start doing something else enjoyable. I love writing, researching for my stories, learning new things, getting out of my brain the stories and sharing them with my readers.

I observe the deadlines for submitting to contests and magazines, but I publish books when they are ready. 10 up to now, the 11th upcoming. I have already some fans, some book recommendations, including on Goodreads, some literary prizes. But I still mostly give away my books instead of selling them.

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