Paris In Ruins – available for preorder

An interesting novel for the lovers of French history and of times depicted by Victor Hugo!

All about historical fiction

Dear friends … my latest novel, Paris In Ruinsis ready for pre-order! As you can imagine, I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about it and as nervous as … well, let’s just say too nervous for me to find an appropriate comparison. Bringing a fourth novel to market is just as challenging as the first one.

Paris In Ruins has been a true labour of love — love for a city of incomparable beauty and tumultuous history, and love for the process of storytelling.

Paris in Ruins by M.K. Tod ~~ Paris 1870. Raised for a life of parties and servants, Camille and Mariele have much in common, but it takes the horrors of war to bring them together to fight for the city and people they love.

The story of two women whose families were caught up in the defense of Paris is deeply moving and…

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