Literary report 2020 and plans for 2021

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Fellow-authors used to list all their literary activities in 2019 and plans for 2020. I did the same last year, and now I am keeping with the tradition.

NANOWRIMO:  I keep being the Local Municipal Liaison for Bucharest. It could have gone better, though. I won the two Camps, but not the November contest, where I succeeded only about 18,000 words. I tried my best in the given situation I had to adapt to, and I am glad that I succeeded at least to organize a few online writing sprints for the Romanian NaNoWriMo team, not only for the Bucharest one. There is no other wrap-up NaNoWriMo report, so this is the one – I just learnt to be content with small progress until I’ll be able to hold a writing sprint uninterrupted…

BOOK-RELATED TRAVEL:  armchair travel via books, videos and photos. I am stuck in my tower for a while, waiting for better days, not only for the pandemy reasons. But I researched intensively via Internet and books for my novels and short stories.

PUBLISHED THIS YEAR: No more books published this year, only short stories and a few poems, in literary magazines and anthologies, and blog articles here. But I am glad that the number of anthologies and literary magazines I am in has increased, so I guess it applies for being wider known….


  • Poetry prize at Brâncoveniana contest, in Potlogi Dâmbovița
  • First prize for short stories at the International Literary Contest Metafore – Ana Podaru
  • Third prize, respectively first mention for short stories at the festival Simfoniile verii (it was acceptable to enter with 2 short stories if both added up to 3 pages, and both won something)
  • Second prize for short stories at the festival Capriciile toamnei
  • Mention (fifth place) at the National Short Stories Contest Nicolae Velea 2020.


  • I am mentioned with a dedicated article in the Encyclopedia of 2000 generation writers
  • I got chronicles of my books in various literary magazines
  • I got recommendations of my books in book blogs
  • I succeeded to attend a few literary events
  • I succeeded to make myself known more in various reader groups
  • I have opened an Instagram account.


  • I want to publish a second edition, reviewed, of the series Life in turmoil (Vieți în vâltoare). It is now in 3 volumes, but it will be in 4 volumes, able to be read and enjoyed also individually. The review is in progress, two of the volumes were read by betta readers, two still need work.
  • I also want to publish 2 short stories collections as well, The old craftsman’s apprentice (Ucenicul bătrânului artizan) and another contemporary one, title still undecided.


  • To get my books more widely known
  • To learn about more literary contests and to participate in them.
  • To get more chronicles
  • To be able to get the documentation ready for submission to the National Writers Union.


I want to finish at least one and start another of the (4 or 5) volumes of a new pirate series, titled Gentlemen of fortune (since The price of freedom is a title others used too, so I had to find another). Also, each volume able to be read individually.

Keep gathering short stories in 2 more volumes, as they get published, one by one, in magazines – one to be titled Rebels of the seas and of the mountains, other with children stories – Stories with animals and fishes.


  • a sort of fan-fiction (of the publishable kind, even if not in the same genre and style as 50 Shades of Grey J and not sure if novel or novella) – continuation of something I love, up to you to guess what: the story of a young single mother who wants to start a new life, under another name, in another place, maybe pretending she is a widow in order to not have her baby called bastard… Also, up to you to guess in what country it is going to happen (easy if you guess what it might be a fanfiction from, but difficult if you take into account that in the movie it is just briefly hinted that the main characters might have slept together once, and this idea might have been skipped by most watchers – I got it only about the 14th time I watched the movie…) I might combine it with my idea of a May-December romance I had for a long time, so she might find an older man to raise her son with…
  • another Viking story, happening at the dawn of the Viking Era, around 750, if the Wanderers of the Seas (Pribegii marilor) happen at its end, around 1050. This time, also not necessarily told from a female perspective…
  • a sort of timetravel fantasy story which I still have to think over, a sequel to a roleplaying game dead long time ago (not mine).
  • and maybe another Venetian historical novel…

….But these are all surely for beyond 2021.

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