Unknown Medieval Weapons

Maybe you want to know. .

Nicholas C. Rossis

Everyone’s heard of swords and spears. But how about the Goedendag, the Ahlspiess, or the Hussite flail?

If you write historical fiction, you may appreciate this opportunity to spice up your weapons, courtesy of Quora.

The Goedendag

Essentially, the Goedendag (Dutch for “good dagger” or “good day”) is a baseball bat-shaped weapon, with an iron ring to add weight and a striking edge around the tip. A stout, pointed spike out the end of it let it stab through relatively heavy armors, while it struck with the authority of a heavy mace. Not exactly an elegant weapon, it was famously used to decimate French dismounted knights at Courtrai.

The Ahlspiess

The Ahlspiess is a simple polearm, designed for one purpose only: penetrating plate armor. About the length of an average poleax, it deleted the striking head to focus entirely on the lethal penetrative capability of a…

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3 thoughts on “Unknown Medieval Weapons

  1. Cele mai multe sunt arme anti-cavaler (anti-”tanc” medieval).

    Cum oștile române n-au excelat niciodată la capitolul cavalerie grea, privesc cu o oarecare simpatie acest gen de arme.

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