Quarantine musings

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I am not good at selfies, and this is what you got. A masked pirate of our times (no matter how much I wanted to be a classical Jolly Roger flying pirate on a tall ship).

I don’t like the sophisticated words the World is using (sheltering in place, lockdown, etc.) in order to avoid the actual, Venetian one naming exactly what we are facing now: it is quarantine, because we are battling an epidemic. That’s all, folks!

I don’t have cabin fever due to the isolation. I have been in a kind of isolation, without being a quarantine, since last July, when I moved with my mother as her sole caregiver. Going out for short time, mainly for supplies or doctors, and rarely to a literary event (which I could attend only the first hour, otherwise it would have been too much for her to stay alone, or it would have interfered with her medicine and related meals schedule).

Yes, now the quarantine had limited my outings even more. The fear of the virus is the thing I hate,  given that both my mother and I are in the higher risk category – she for old age, turning 91 in a week, me for diabetes and asthma. I don’t hate the isolation per se.

I hate the fact that so many people died of this virus, others suffered in hospitals but luckily recovered. My best childhood friend, a doctor, had been through this and now she is back at work. In the paragraphs below, everything is exclusively about myself.

I could get accustomed to the quarantine as a fact (not to the pesky virus itself, the reason to it, though!), because I have practice. I have experienced this cabin fever last autumn. I am past it, resigned to accept it. I also confess a less Christian thing, that somehow I am more at peace with the fact that some events had been cancelled due to the quarantine than I was knowing that they were supposed to happen and this year I couldn’t attend them. I know it doesn’t make me any honour, but yes, I admit I had thought like this.

I understand we have to give up going to church on Easter (one of the few opportunities a year when I was going too, but since back here I knew I wouldn’t go anyway). We can pray at home and in our souls. God and His son are everywhere. I understand less how “Don’t go on visit on Easter!” can apply to close family, the one for whom you are providing during other days and visiting them twice a week. Why not on Easter, when it is a holiday? Is the virus acting more on holidays than on regular days? Why the interdiction can affect husband and wife, if they happen not to live together right now due to various circumstances, and them spending Easter together and knocking an Easter egg according to tradition is a fine-worthy crime?

But we’ll survive this too…

My mother and I wish you all who celebrate the Orthodox Easter, this year, Easter in peace and good health.

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One thought on “Quarantine musings

  1. Marina so nice to meet you here and on the Quarantine group.
    Please say “hello” to your mama. She is most fortunate to have you with her. We have a mama far enough away but she still wants to be alone.

    Be well and write!!!

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