April Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp Nano

I kept wanting to write about it since the 1-st of April, when it started. I succeeded only now, at half- time. I failed again as a Municipal Leader, since there is no Bucharest group really active (well, there are two people writing besides me, if it counts…) and it seems I am not good at mobilizing people, either.

I don’t like that for revisions (what Camps are mostly for) we are forced to choose words as target, not pages or hours, which might be more appropriate. I pledged 15,000 words, but I knew from the beginning I’ll be cheating, not having any other solution. It should have meant newly written words, while during a revision one might revise already written words and not writing as many new words for a volume. I would have chosen 200 pages, as the volume to be revised has.

Anyway, I have already finished the volume to review and sent it to betta readers this morning. I will do another one this month (or as much possible from that one). In the meanwhile, there would be also 2 short stories written up to the end of the month, so I keep being productive.

The two volumes I am working on during Camp NaNo (only one declared, in fact, but, as I told you, there will be two) are part of the Lives in Turmoil series, initially in 3 volumes, which for the second, revised edition will be in 4 volumes able to be read individually as well – 2 already reviewed, 2 to go… One more during this Camp NaNo, the other afterwards, as with that I have a bit more to work in order to make it able to be read individually.

The revision work involved, besides the identification of repeated words (I swear I have a richer vocabulary than some of my writings unfortunately show!), changing how the volumes start (in media res, with the backstory woven afterwards into the story), splitting differently the story into volumes and, for the last two volumes, streamlining a little the timeline.

Then, the work in finding a new publishing house for them would start…

These are the three volumes of the initial edition:

Alte valtori Otilia Mazilu2

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