Candyfloss guitar by Stephen R. Marriott – reccomendation


I usually don’t do book reviews, because I know others do them better than me. I am not good at reviews, but I am good at reading and certain books need recommended. One of them is Candyfloss Guitar by Stephen R Marriott. I read it for free from Bookfunnel and I loved it.

It is read quickly, since it has only 70 pages, and it gives an image of contemporary Spain, mainly the one of small towns and villages, and especially a part of the route known as Camino de Santiago, the milenary pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

A young guitarist is reluctantly making the pilgrimage, first thinking he’d go just until the next village with a pretty foreign girl. Step by step, the pilgrimage takes another dimension and he keeps going farther and farther along. We see the lack of perspectives for provincial youth in the economic environment of today, but also the kindness of strangers and the value of an initiatic road.

The writer, who has done the pilgrimage himself, years ago, caught subtle aspects, both in the relationship between Catalans and Spaniards (Arnau and Eduardo) and in the fact that, for certain generations, the Civil War and Franco years are very alive in their memories and social values. Being familiar with the Spanish culture, I kept discovering subtle gems in Diego’s story, along, like hidden Easter eggs.

I wholeheartedly recommend this novella to everyone, and its next volume, further showing Diego’s adventures as a guitarist wishing for affirmation.

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