Greek carols for spring and March amulets



The story of March amulets is written here – that they are seen in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and even Northern Macedonia.

Today I am telling you about an interesting Greek custom, besides the traditional March amulet: the First of March carols/ springtime carols, which are called Helidonismata = swallow songs, because they are about the swallows arriving from the Black Sea, announcing the arrival of spring and that soon it will be Easter (as usually First of March is during Lent). They are sung by young children, mainly girls (but not only). Some have swallows made of paper, others flower crowns (now artificial flowers, since it is possible), announcing the arrival of spring.



Traditionally, they received eggs to keep for Easter (all the eggs laid during Lent were saved for Easter). Now, they receive sweets.

Welcome, springtime! Looking forward to see the swallows! A wonderful springtime for you all!

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