NaNoWriMo is starting tomorrow!

NaNo Municipal Liaison.jpg

NaNoWriMo is starting tomorrow.  This year, I have been appointed Local Municipal Liaison for Bucharest. I hope to succeed to co-ordinate the meetings and make them happen, to create a united group – more united even than the previous years, when I loved it.

I am nervous, what if I can’t succeed with it? What if the task is bigger than me?

This month’s project is finishing the novel I started at my first NaNo, in 2016. Yes, I always finish what I start, just that, in some cases, it takes some time (when other writings are higher priority, for a reason or another – since November 2016, I have published 7 books, and 2 more are coming until the end of the year. Out of these 9 all, at least 5, if not more, have been edited, finished, polished or written entirely during NaNoWriMo events  – Novembers, Aprils ad Julys). It is a historical adventure, focusing on the Golden Age of Pyracy – in the time, but not in the style of Black Sails (neither Pirates of the Caribbean). If In November 2016 I titled it THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, now I know it is the title of the whole series, planned to have at least 4 independent volumes (if not 6). The first volume will be titled SWORD ANGEL, and the second, which I think I’ll start this November, SWORN BROTHERS.

More information about all the event, later during the month… or at its end.

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