10 Thoughts on the Purpose of Historical Fiction

I wholeheartedly agree too! And I can find a couple more reasons to enjoy historical fiction! Can’t you?

All about historical fiction

A second reading of Jerome de Groot’s The Historical Novel offers insights on the purposes of historical fiction beyond entertainment.

Quotation Marks“History itself [and therefore historical fiction] possesses interest for us more as the unfolding of certain moral and mental developments than as the mere enumeration of facts.”

Historical fiction offers an “analysis of recognizable human character within a specific set of circumstances,” such that we can “re-experience the social and human motives which led men [and women] to think, feel and act as they did in historical reality.”

Historical fiction develops an “awareness that the events of history have an impact on the contemporary.”

Historical fiction gives “the reader insight into the mind of a member of a past society” and therefore induces empathy and a “live connection between then and now.”

The historical novel allows us “to contemplate social change.” We see change…

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