At the end of April Camp NaNoWriMo


I won another Camp NaNo. The fourth won in my Camp history. (There was one, in April 2017, epically lost too).  I wrote, now, 20,300 words, and the novel is at about 104 pages, which means more or less half of it. I first chose 20,000 words as the target, then I lowered it at 15,000, due to a slow start of the month. I thought I would never manage 20,000, maybe not even the 15,000 finally pledged, but I succeeded.

The reasons for a slow April? Always April is harder on me, because there are more days when I can’t write, due to being my birthday, my mother’s birthday (this year the 90-th!) and Easter – which comes with cleaning, shopping and cooking for 2 households. Adding doctor’s appointments for me and for my mother… and tiredness… it doesn’t make for a good writing environment. And lately I can’t plan writing time like I used to, because in any moment there might be a small emergency requesting my presence far from the computer/ laptop…. or I might be too tired or too loaded with negativity to be able to focus on writing.

However, I succeeded to unblock “The second shuttle boat”, which had been lying in a coma since a very eventful November. I progressed nicely, and I hopefully keep progressing in May and June, in order to have another long-time-stalled novel to finish during Camp NaNo in July. (That got started during my first NaNoWriMo, in November 2016, and it is still in coma).

As they didn’t give us a diploma this time, this is the proof that I am a winner:

Camp NaNo April2019 win.jpg

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