NaNoWriMo musings at losing it


Another NaNoWriMo passed – this time, without me winning, but with me writing a lot, when I could, and getting other writing achievements in parallel.

A little over 43,000 words achieved – just that not all for the declared novel, “The second shuttle boat”. Actually, it’s only almost 13,000 words in 6 chapters for this. The remaining amount of written words this November has been shared among:

  • the upcoming poetry volume (which will appear sometime next year), titled “Trips and yearnings” – around 7,500 words
  • the editing of the short stories volume titled “The mercenary’s fate and other destinies”, which will be published as a prize for winning the first place at the short stories contest (about 20,000 words counted)
  • the small balance is accounting for the blog posts and other small writings during this month.

Yes, this makes me a NaNoWriMo rebel, for not focusing on a novel from the beginning till the end. (And a lousy rebel for losing the contest anyway).

The winning of the prize (and the publishing of the winner story in an anthology and in a literary magazine, besides receiving a bag full of books as prize, and the promise to get the short stories volume published, therefore the need to have it ready in November) and my active presence at the Gaudeamus International Book Fair, all in November, are important literary achievements which have prevented me writing more for the NaNoWriMo novel, as initially planned. But I think these are good reasons. I have been writing, not procrastinating, and when I couldn’t because I was elsewhere (there had been also several literary events I had to attend, because they were organised by my publishers)… it isn’t as if I was partying or wandering aimlessly, I was doing something still for writing.

I can count as achievements that the month of November finds me with one poetry book, one short stories book and two novels polished and ready for submission (or already on their way to the ones writing my foreword/ fourth cover/ etc.). The beginning of 2019 will be rich in books for me.

So, yes, I am not sorry for losing NaNoWriMo this year. What I have written is still there, in files, and I am finishing everything I started, sooner or later.


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