Giving thanks

Thanksgiving owls

Yes, I know, I am writing late, after the American feast that we don’t actually celebrate. Besides the symbols of this holiday, of a harvest day and of friendship with the Indians at that first moment, which was turned into several ungrateful and cruel wars not much later, I find interesting and necessary to have a day meant to remind us to stop for a few second, give thanks for what we have and count our blessings. Then, pray.

I am grateful for a wonderful writing community, both online and the local one in my city, whose literary events I attend. I am grateful for good friends, including the NaNoWriMo local group and those who had helped me be represented (and participate actively, in person) at the International Book Fairs – all of them, not only this Gaudeamus one. I am also grateful for the publishers who help me grow with their recommendations, no matter that the present social realities do shock and disappoint me sometimes. And for the fact that I won a literary prize.

I am grateful for an understanding family who allows me time to write, and encourages me. My husband has always supported me, with everything he could, from actual housework to being my first reader and finding inherent little expression mistakes, as well as with wise advice and encouragement in my low moments.

I am also grateful that my mother’s health, albeit deterriorating, isn’t as bad as to require permanent supervision. I can still manage with going to her mostly in the mornings, and having the evenings free for writing, when no other literary events.

I am grateful as well to the two interactive writing communities (roleplaying games) I am a part of, as all the people had been understanding with me putting an absence notice for the month of November. Be sure I’ll reply to all the due posts in the first days of December!

It is always easier to say what one doesn’t like, what is frustrating. Better focus on what we are thankful for!

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