What Does It Mean to Be an “Accomplished” Writer?

Novelty Revisions

If I asked the one thing, as a writer, you want to accomplish before you die, chances are you wouldn’t have a hard time giving a straight answer.

Most people want to write and/or publish a book. Some want to write for a specific company or in a specific genre. It varies from person to person.

But what most don’t realize is that even if they publish that book or become a writer for a specific employer, they still might not consider themselves “accomplished” writers.

Because a published author will always want to publish more books.

A staff writer will always want to generate more article hits.

Even end goals have stretch goals. Which makes it even harder for every writer to figure out how to achieve the most they can and consider themselves satisfied.

Is there some kind of chart that states when you’ll officially have “made it”? We…

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