The Survival of the Illinois Country French

Just because I love it… and it somehow deals with my story about Saint Louis area.

Voyageur Heritage

by Nathanael C. Alire


Many are not aware of the French descendants residing in what is now Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana in a region historically referred to as “Le Pays des Illinois” (The Illinois Country) or “Haute Louisiane” (Upper Louisiana). Historic French settlements such as Saint Louis, MO; Ste. Genevieve, MO; Prairie du Rocher, IL; Kaskaskia, IL; and Vincennes, IN are amongst the most well-known towns celebrated through their local French heritage and distinct culture and traditions.

11160562_1049973465030234_6733328650325965514_n Fort de Chartres, founded on the east bank of the Mississippi in what is now Illinois in 1720.

It is easy to visit Ste. Genevieve and get lost in time whilst walking the streets; bearing sight on the old French Creole homes of unique colonial design. One may feel the energy of battle outside of Prairie du Rocher where the popular Fort des Chartres lies, open to the public and the host of…

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