Successful Historical Fiction – Maggie Scott

I think it is well said…

A Writer of History

Maggie Scott should know a thing or two about historical fiction – she edits historical novels and is a professor of history. Let’s see what she has to say about writing it.

What’s your definition of successful historical fiction?

The shortest possible definition: A seamless blend of rigorously researched history and a compelling story populated with characters who reflect the true sensibilities and environment of their era and who live in and of a time that is clearly theirs and no one else’s.

What attributes are most important to you when designating a novel as ‘successful historical fiction’.

I suppose the story itself is the most critical aspect, because without a tale that captures one’s attention—and holds it—other aspects such as proper research fall by the wayside. Therefore, I’ll consider a book to be successful if a) it promises a tale that will engage me; b) delivers on that promise; c)…

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