Poems from my youth

My love

My love is like the sea,
with no boundaries.
I love, like the sea,
the shore who rejects it.
If I were able to look into your eyes
deeply and fearlessly
their black flames would swallow me.
I would get drown happily
in the deep lakes of your eyes –
but I haven’t this luck.

(written at 15)


I am a bedless river,
without sun and fish.
I am only a handful of clay
untouched by the Creator’s hand.
I am a river
streaming from caves of sadness,
sunshine never caressed my waves.
But people found gold ore of kindness
on my shore
and they drained me.
I am a river looking for its bed,
across rocky mountains,
a handful of clay looking for its shape,
maybe to become a jug
to be sung afterwards by Omar Khayam.

(written at 14)


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