1-11-2016 for friends


There are some friends of mine who are already accustomed to receive, each 1-st of November, a morsel of literature and wisdom from far-away, less known civilisations, and a song. Others might learn only now about this friendship holiday I am sharing with some people since 1979 or 1980. (Yes, I am old and I started forgetting. Time blurs sometimes). We were at first four friends, then more, then some left, some came… I keep in touch with 2 of the initial ones, and it is an achievement, 35+ years later. Routine, work, worries and new interests kept us away, prisoners, but at least once a year we should strive to run back towards the springs, finding ourselves, the ones we used to be.

The first day of the month of the falling leaves comes again, and with it the day for celebrating our friendship and old dreams which aren’t yet dead inside us. We are seeking a circle of friends, old and new alike, and finding that old ideals are alive deep in our souls, flickering, since those years when everything seemed possible.

Have you lived your life upon wise Tecumseh’s precepts? I tried to, but I haven’t succeeded integrally.

Let’s try to release ourselves from the present routine and worries, remembering our spiritual quests. May the songs below and the wisdom above fly connecting us, our past and our future, in a spiritual journey helping us to find ourselves again!

I am also ending this post with a whole CD of Native American Music of the healers, to heal your soul prisoner in the daily routine. The most appropriate gift for you today. May the magic of the healing tunes from old civilisations be another anchor into following our quest!




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