Sovereign: Beyond the Book

I wholeheartedly recommend you this young writer, whose novels U read breathlessly!

Everything Falls Apart

So far, here at Things Fall Apart, we’ve discussed writing conventions, we’ve covered publishing, we’ve reblogged interviews with our lead author, and we’ve touched on the purpose of Shalamar itself.

This post is for Shalamar’s first major release, Sovereign, and why you will want to have a hand in its journey from final draft to store shelves.

First, you’ll want to know what the novel is about. Sovereign, written by Deborah Dixon, centers on a war between Hell and Heaven, in which a fallen angel named Jael is playing both sides. Intrigue and adventure abound, and Jael finds herself thoroughly enjoying the game – but she soon discovers that the more involved she gets, the more danger she’s in; and she realizes that the war is not at all what it seems to be.

Of course, in true Shalamar fashion, the novel does more than simply tell a…

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