Once I believed that there is one truth in everything, and all the other perceptions are wrong. This was how I was educated, and how my mother still believes. (But she also believes she is right in everything, when she isn’t, and often what she knew isn’t applicable at the current society).

As I grew up and gained experience, I understood that there is no absolute truth, everything being various shades of gray. Whiter or blacker, but still gray. And that, unfortunately, everyone has his own truth, his own perception we can’t fight. We can give arguments towards our version of the truth. We know sometimes we did this, we wanted (or sometimes even harvested) these results… but to some people they are seen completely different. Some of our efforts and deeds are missing, some results are seen totally different, and the arguments don’t hold because… simply their perception is radically different, and they are conviced it is the correct one.

The problem is that feelings and perceptions are something personal, and they don’t take into account the others’ realities, the others’ different perceptions. So people who would have cooperated, can’t, remaining each one in his own world. Ultimately, the two people with irreconciliable opinions would part ways, each one holding to his own piece of reality, to his own perception, both feeling wronged or disappointed by the other. And unfortunately it is nothing to be done with it, even if I wish it was.

Others succeed to make the effort to see the other perspective too. To agree with it or not, but to extend a hand, together with an acceptaince that the other point of view can be sincere and valid too, even if it doesn’t invalidate his own feeling.

Do you believe there can be different realities, different perceptions for the same facts or results?

6 thoughts on “Perceptions

  1. Absolutely! There are are as many perceptions as there are people. And as much as our perceptions can be similar to someone else’s they are still unique. If we have loved ones with perceptions that vary strongly from our own, perhaps we could try to understand their point of view, agree to disagree if need be but still have compassion and understanding for them regardless of their views 🙂 Very nice piece!

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    • If there was just one, then all people lived in harmony. Unfortunately, each person has his own reality, and two realities can live side by side and be equally heart-warmingly true for different people.


      • There is one reality, but a failure to recognize it which comes from our inability to surrender to that which we cannot perceive. So instead, humans with their limitations, put their own spin on what they sense which is a poor version of what is really happening. We get glimpses of grandeur.


  2. There are as many points of view to approach the same reality, that they become different realities.

    Let’s take a 2 years old girl and a 30 years old Martial Artist who had played other sports in his teens, e.g. basket or rugby (as they are tall and sturdy), For example, they are looking at the same construction stone.

    The two years old might notice it is so big, and cold, and almost as tall as her, and that she can’t climb on it because it is so big. That it is dangerous (as her mother had warned her) and immobile. Is she wrong? No, she isn’t. This is her reality, and she is right.

    At the same time, from the other side of the stone, her father, the Martial Artist, thinks he can jump over that block with a longer step, with a bit of effort, but not too much. That the stone is not immobile, as he can lift it, throw it at 2 meters distance and maybe have it break. It is not dangerous, and not big at all, and he might calculate how he can apply a hit with his hand, and where, in order to break the stone in two like he has done before in Martial Arts competitions.

    Which of them is wrong? None. Is still the same construction stone they are perceiving? Yes. Are their perceptions radically different, because they are different? Yes, indeed. This is my point…


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