Because You Didn’t Ask #4: Long Game For the Ages

From a dear friend, an author of a book series I recommend wholeheartedly to all the lovers of supernatural genre.

Everything Falls Apart

So you’re writing a series.

Short stories, novels, scripts, RPGs, doesn’t matter. You’re telling a story that stretches over multiple events, and a long period of time. You want to keep your audience intrigued and entertained throughout the course of it. But you also want the story to be cohesive, for the plot to make sense in the end.

You need more than foreshadowing. You need to play a long game.

Obviously the term “long game” isn’t of my invention, but the full title, “long game for the ages,” is a quote from the Illuminated short story “Samhain,” when Keely, Blair’s long-deceased first wife, attempts to compel him by using his true name. It turns out that upon their separation, suspecting Keely would eventually try this, Blair swapped her knowledge of his true name with a fake one. As this plays out at Keely’s expense, Blair’s sister Aithne makes the…

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