Because You Didn’t Ask #2: Ackee Rule

Wise words from one of my favourite young writers.

Everything Falls Apart

The ackee rule is one of my own invention, based on my experiences as a writer and a Jamaican eating ackee. It’s a guideline for writing in general, regarding the production of ideas. Simply put, it is as such:

An idea must be allowed to grow and mature if it is expected to prove of any significance.

I should start by discussing the ackee. Like many foods from the tropics, the ackee can poison you if you don’t cook it correctly. The ackee, however, is a badass fruit (although in Jamaica at least it is treated more like a staple) that takes this one step further: if you try to eat it before it has fully ripened, it might well kill your ass.

That isn’t all, though. This innocent-looking product of an evergreen tree also bears big black seeds, which, even after ripening, will still poison you if…

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