Because You Didn’t Ask #1: The Unreliable Narrator

Everything Falls Apart

Hi. Rayne here.

This is a series of writing-related topics I’ve decided to take on despite the fact that no one asked my opinion on them. I call it “Because You Didn’t Ask.”

Part 1 deals with a convention/tool known as “The Unreliable Narrator.” It occurs when a writer puts the story in the hands of a character who is, for some reason or another, not properly equipped to tell the tale. Maybe she’s under the influence of something; maybe she’s mentally incapacitated. Maybe she just doesn’t have all the details. But the effect is that you, dear reader, have to go on her possibly inaccurate word.

I decided to play with the Unreliable Narrator technique in Illuminated, my current short story/novella series. Illuminated has two narrators, who alternate at the epilogue of each book. Both are mild cases, as compared to say, the Nolans’ Memento/“Memento Mori”

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