The Katrina Accord: Ten Years Later

For those interested to write a few words on this subject, or at least to share the event…

Everything Falls Apart

What is the “Katrina Accord”?

It’s a project in recognition of the day Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest US natural disaster in recent memory, made landfall near New Orleans, devastating the city and its surrounding area, taking some two thousand lives and causing an obscene amount of property damage, much of it never to be restored. That was a mere ten years ago – on August 29, 2005.

We at Shalamar are looking to gather support and inspire remembrance across the world. A tall order, you might imagine, but it’s actually beautifully simple: We’re building an archive, a collection of thoughts and notes and ephemera, to be posted at a Tumblr blog, for this reason: We remember now as we did then, and we always will.

To participate: Send in any form of media you like, as long as it is readily Internet publishable – text, audio, videos, music…

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