On Writing Child Characters for Adults.

Gary William Murning Online

I’ve always enjoyed featuring children in my novels — quite often in very pivotal roles. For me, their insights, recorded correctly, can be as deep in their apparent simplicity as anything the philosophical greats had to say. There’s a no-nonsense approach that allows a degree of freedom that adult characters often repress. This, together with the relative lack of responsibility that comes with childhood, allows me to pursue literary avenues that would otherwise largely be off-limits.

But I don’t write children for children. The children I write are quite often influenced by the children I knew, for one thing, and whilst we weren’t exactly the roughest kids on the block, we were alarmingly real — especially when our parents weren’t around. Also, my themes are adult themes (in the nicest possible sense, of course 😉 ). Writing a “Young Adult” novel is something I’ve never wanted to attempt. As realistic…

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