Writing on a Schedule

I am glad to learn how other people stay productive writting…

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This month’s RPG Blog Carnival theme is How/Where You Write/Prep chosen by V.A. over at Leicester’s Ramble. So it’s all about where and how people like me and all the other creators and GMs out there write for tabletop RPGs. Whether you write homebrew adventures, a blog, novels, short stories, supplements, articles, or rule books, this information is for you.

My Schedule

Like most of you I have an insane schedule. I’ve got a full-time job, three regular podcasts, and freelance assignments. I’m in a committed relationship with an amazing woman that I enjoy putting time and energy into. I run two D&D games. I’ve got family relationships and friendships to maintain. I also have the human requirements of food, clean clothes, showers, exercise, and sleep. I don’t even have kids or school to attend like many of you and I’ve already got a full schedule. So when…

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7 thoughts on “Writing on a Schedule

  1. exiledprospero says:

    English, like a well-worn shoe, is more comfortable to me than having to endure the painful rigor of breaking in something new (such as a language–no matter how beautiful it may be).

    What is your English tumblr called?


    • , like the RPG I am running. You’ll see there some quotes from various chapters of our interactive story, and photos of tall ships and period paintings and costumes…


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